Since the weather is on everybody's lips, we'll join the conversation. Yes, it has been weird - gales, torrential rain, premature frosts. And then wonderful. Long sunny days, and for Aucklanders at least, Arctic morning temperatures. But the air is crisp and the colours striking. An imitation American Fall. Weird. Wonderful. Hello climate change.


Too much food! ( Part one)

We recently set up a food rescue service at  Nelson  Environment Centre and called it Kai Rescue.    Rescue is the operative word because since we began five weeks ago we’ve rescued 5.8 tonnes of perfectly edible food – and that’s just from two of the seven Nelson supermarkets and a couple of one-off food producers.

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‘Boarding School Syndrome’

Boarding school  syndrome’ was the title of an insightful article from the UK ‘Guardian’, sent to me by my London-based sister last year. It got me thinking, or more accurately remembering things I’ve tried to erase from my memory.

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Encounters… with a flying pot

So you’re  at the kitchen bench and  acting like a 16 year old  –  though you know that was  half a century ago.    You   plonk a  heavy pot almost  playfully and… misjudge. Its rim heads with relentless accuracy to  the  one  part of your  foot not covered by slippers.

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Letter to a Mayor…

It’s autumn so it’s timely to let a weathered leaf from the  season of our life drift into the summer of another’s – in this case New Plymouth Mayor, Neil Holdom.

Some time ago he described baby boomers as ‘ the most selfish generation’. And then on Facebook and presumably a few other places,  he apologised.  His j’accuse was similar to comments  by any of the critics of boomers, some so young they could pass for the grandchildren of the first boomer cohort.

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Superstitions and why we have them

by Max Cryer


The basis for the customary  wearing of rings to denote marriage is the ancient recognition that the circle has no beginning and no end,  in other words  eternity, unity,  and perfection. Hence they represent the wish that a marriage will be long and happy.

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Kiwiosities – Count Felix von Luckner

The debonair Count became famous during the First World War for his escape from Motuihe Island in the Hauraki Gulf, in December 2017. Originally the commander of Seeadler, a  German raider disguised as a sailing trader, he lost his  ship in a tropical storm  at the Society Islands and was arrested in Fiji while searching for  another to take.

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My friend – the earwig

Let me start with tomatoes. My home grown tomatoes have thin skins and flesh as dense and true  as wild meat. I have red, orange and pinkish heritage type with a variety of wonderful favours. But we have a short growing season and my toms are just about finished, which is why my wife bought some supermarket tomatoes.

I ate half of one.

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