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Kiwiosities – The legend of the Kiwi Otter

The legend of the Kiwi Otter

Despite the fact that no one  has ever found a skeleton, the legend of the New Zealand otter persists, particularly in the back country of Southland. In her book  New Zealand Mysteries, Robin  Gossett has collected a  wealth of anecdotes from  witnesses, including  Maori traditions of a small  otter like animal called the  waitoreke.

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Kiwiosities: Chopper boys

Kiwiosities coverExcerpts from Kiwiosities, a book by Gordon Ell on the traditions and folklore of New Zealand.

Chopper boys

The brave and possibly foolish lads who ride helicopters in search of wild deer. During the 1970s they used the aircraft as shooting platforms, flying into remote valleys…

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