A great idea – and then it’s gone…

space needle 2How often have you had the experience of a great idea, lighting up your brain and energising you for a  moment?  But then  afterwards you can’t quite recall it?!

Given the onslaught of information, experiences and demands in our on-line and off-line worlds these days, it’s  hardly surprising.

On a recent trip to Seattle, one of the places  I visited, along with the captivating Boeing Experience, was the 605 feet tall Space Needle Tower.

Quite apart from the stunning night views from this  tower built in 1961, what really caught my eye was the photograph above.

As per legend,  the birth of this tower was first etched on a napkin –  over coffee in 1959 by Edward Carlson, a prominent 20-century businessman.

Which brings me to the now.

How often have we had creative thoughts – possibilities that felt amazing at the time only to have them disappear into the recesses of our mind?

Capturing our ideas, as they flash up, especially those we feel have some muscle and verve must definitely be captured be it  on a café napkin, tablet or the smartphone!

Our creativity needs to see the light of day and be nurtured and explored.

The first step is to capture that bright spark before it fizzles or is forgotten.

* I’m always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up every morning… Every day I find something creative to do with my life.
– Miles Davis.

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Jasbindar Singh

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