Getting back on track

Have you de-railed in your tracks recently? You were going along just fine and then WHAMMO!

Despite all your good intentions, rigorous short and long term planning and solid commitment, you found yourself back in a place you really didn’t want to be. A goal-less, soul-less zone?

Perhaps unwittingly you became enmeshed in some old behaviour patterns which stopped serving you long ago. Perhaps you just lost focus, got discouraged.

Or, presented with the same old contextual pulls (friends, environment, old temptations) before you realised, you were back doing things and being a certain way that is not the most optimum for you and others.

Whatever your situation — be it work or home, here are some helpful hints  you can take immediately to get back on track.

* Responsibility — Acknowledge that emotions like frustration, anger, sadness, a sense of failure, stuckness are all natural and common human reactions. The key is to not act out these negative emotions on others and give away your sense of power and control to change. It might feel easier to blame others and circumstances but what is going to help more  is asking yourself this question, “What was my part in creating or contributing to this scenario?

* Re-commit — Ask yourself, “What and who do I need to re-commit to in the future? Reflecting on the bigger picture or your vision will help fuel this.

*  Ask yourself, “Given the above what action do I now need to take now?” This may be a small immediate step along with some other more intermediate ones.

Be kind  to yourself and remember: ‘It is not how often we fall off the horse that matters but that we get back on again!’

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Jasbindar Singh

Jasbindar is a business psychologist, leadership excellence coach and author of 'Get your Groove Back'.