Left behind

Elections are hard on old lefties like me. Even the glorious Labour Party win left me subdued when it became evident the National Party voters who lent their vote to Labour had a condition attached: Hands off our taxes. And as a National TV panellist noted with much satisfaction after the win, “We have a centrist government.”

 Though my political peers seem to have died or melted away from me in passing years, I, like a crusty barnacle have clung on to the old, seemingly outdated ideals. Come to think of it, the last politician I heard describe himself as a democratic socialist was David Lange in the lead up to the 1984 election.

His future cabinet colleagues must have winced when they heard him. So I suppose I must accept that current political thinking makes me a left-wing extremist, a political orphan. I may also be described as a paranoid conspiracy nut because I think the persistent media description of the Labour Party as ‘left of centre’ is a ploy to rattle my creaking cage.

I realise just how far I’ve been left behind when, according to the current clamour of ideas, my caring about human rights and deploring the substitution of charity for distributive justice categorises me as ‘woke,’ a pretentious, politically correct, insufferably caring naïve bleeding heart liberal. This is confusing because when the British lefties returned to Labour under Jeremy Corbin they were accused of hating Jews. I can’t work that out.

The confusion goes on. Because I believe in fairness and safety for women, I think trans-women should not be allowed to compete in women’s sport and nor should they be allowed in female toilets. Oh, but it’s okay for women to use men’s toilets is it? Well, actually, yes. Men would not feel threatened by finding someone who looks like a woman in their toilet, but it would be more than worrying for women to find someone they think is a man in their toilet.

Well, that’s my view, but apparently that makes me a homophobe. The clamour people love throwing labels around.

For instance, if I said, ‘real women’ would feel threatened I’d be ‘deplatformed,’ or whatever the latest word is for shutting down ignorant homophobes who don’t even know a modern woman can have a penis. I’m also discovering all sorts of words new to me, like binary, gas lighting, dog whistling and virtue signalling, not that I’m sure what they all mean.

Still, it’s a relief to know I’m not alone; the old feminists and trannies are coming in for a bit of flack too for still using the word ‘woman’ instead of person with a uterus…

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Chris Horan

Chris is a former social worker, probation officer and Family Court counsellor, living in Hawea in the South Island.