Max’s Dogs – Every Dog has its day

When pioneer Scottish settlers in the nineteenth century arrived in the southern part of New Zealand, the terrain was a challenge – but they had brought their dogs. In the area known as the Mackenzie country (where part of The Lord of the Rings was filmed over a hundred years later), the mountainous plateau might have remained unfarmed had it not been for the hard work of the shepherds and their tireless dogs.

In 1968, a beautiful bronze statue of a magnificent collie sheep dog was placed on a huge rock on the shores of Lake Tekapo and ceremoniously unveiled by the then Governor- General, Sir Arthur Porritt. The inscription on the plaque reads:

This monument was erected by the runholders of the Mackenzie County and those who also appreciate the value of the collie dog, without the help of which the grazing of the mountain country would be impossible.

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Max Cryer

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