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Disabled by a car accident in 1995, British man Gareth Jones became accustomed to and adept at using his wheelchair in company with his ‘service dog’. But the dog’s training didn’t include towing or hauling – until Mr Jones crossed a field which proved too muddy for his wheelchair. It sank, and he found himself firmly stuck in a location remote from any possible human help. So Gareth Jones found a cord tucked somewhere within his chair and threw one end to the golden retriever, not sure if the dog would figure out what was required. The dog figured it out immediately, took the rope-end between his teeth, pulled with all his might, and kept on pulling until Mr Jones and his chair were in the clear. The retriever, appropriately named Hero, was given an All-Star Animal Award in London for his devotion and enterprise.

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Max Cryer

Max Cryer is well known for his books on language and other subjects. In a long career, he has been a teacher, television host and m.c. as well as a performer on the opera stage in London and in cabaret in Las Vegas and Hollywood. He is now a full-time writer.