Max’s Dogs – Scrufts…

The Crufts Dog Show in Britain features only pedigree  purebreds, and generates enormous interest from dog owners and breeders. But in 2000, The Kennel Club recognised that dogs can also be fun and a source of pride and companionship, regardless of how random their family tree might be. So a second show evolved, entitled Scrufts.

Aristocratic lineage is not required,  indeed judges are forbidden to mention connection to (or absence from) any recognisable breed.  Instead, classes for entry include Child’s Best Friend; Golden Oldie Crossbreed; Most handsome Crossbreed; Waggingest Tail and  Prettiest Bitch.

The entry fee for each class is modest and proceeds go to the  Kennel Club Charitable Trust. Scrufts  prelims are held at fifteen venues in the UK, and class winners make a guest appearance at the huge  Discover Dogs show. One hundred and ninety pedigree dogs take part – and the cheerfully non-pedigree (but much loved) Scrufts winners make guest appearances.

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Max Cryer

Max Cryer is well known for his books on language and other subjects. In a long career, he has been a teacher, television host and m.c. as well as a performer on the opera stage in London and in cabaret in Las Vegas and Hollywood. He is now a full-time writer.