Max’s Dogs – that doggy smell…

Dog Jacket Dogs ‘sweat’ all over their bodies, though not so much for heat regulation as is the case with humans. Their body sweat is tuned to give out secretions which identify them to other dogs.  Humans tend to recognise what could be called a general ‘doggy smell’, but to a dog, every member of the species has a different smell.

Their ‘sweat’ their urine and the tiny secretions from their anal glands leave messages for brethren, paramours and enemies. The underside of a dog’s paws also sweats, but it is a kind of emollient, designed to keep the paw surface soft for, without it, constant friction between paw and terrain could damage the paw pad’s surface. Unusually the Mexican hairless dog does perspire through its skin, and seldom pants.

After defecating, a dog will often scratch the ground behind. This is to convey information by leaving a ‘marking scent’ which comes from tiny glands between the toes.

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Max Cryer

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