Max’s Dogs – Cerberus

Dog JacketFrom Max Cryer’s book¬† Every Dog has its Day


Cerberus, guard dog of Hades

In ancient Greek mythology, Cerberus is the watchdog chained to the Gates of Hades or Hell. He harasses the spirits of those who enter and devours those who try to escape. In spite of the lack of first-hand reports, it is widely believed that Cerberus had three heads.

The centre head is the shape of a lion’s while the other two resemble those of a dog and a wolf. Keeping the heads warm is a mane of writhing live snakes, while his tail is no ordinary dog’s tail – it has the lethal whip of a dragon. It was the twelfth labour of Hercules to go to the depths of Hades and kill Cerberus.

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Max Cryer

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