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Dog JacketFrom Max Cryer’s book  Every Dog has its Day

When she died in 1991,  German born Countess Karlotta Liebenstein, left her entire  fortune to her pet German shepherd, Gunther III.  The amount she left was  sufficiently eye-watering to be  reported confusingly in  amounts ranging from  $106 million to $145 million.

A stipulation was that  the capital must be passed on to Gunther’s  heir. When the time came for Gunther IV to take over, the fortune had accumulated to  an impressive – and generally agreed – $372 million.

In July 2000, the BBC reported that Gunther IV had bought Madonna’s palatial mansion in Miami (besides already owning villas in Italy and the Bahamas).  He would sleep in Madonna’s former bedroom and the rest of the house would be used for ‘filming and  fashion shows’.

Another wealthy woman caused a stir over a dog in 2009 – but this time she was still alive. The New York Post reported that a wealthy Chinese woman, who already owned a fairly rare Tibetan Collie, was visiting the Qinghai province and saw another one  – 18 months old  and  80 cms (31 inches)  high.

She felt  she had to have this one too, so bought it for  a reported  cost of $585,000 – at that time  thought to be the highest ever price paid for a dog. According to local reports, the dog’s travel and arrival in his new province was in red carpet style: a throng gathered to see a motorcade of 30 vehicles collect him from Xi’an airport and deliver him  to Mrs Wang’s home.


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Max Cryer

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