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 “Words without actions are the assassins of idealism.” ― said  President  Herbert Hoover  nearly a century ago.   It was if he was addressing his present day successor Donald Trump’s inadequate response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

And so, some Americans have to use their own  talents – nurses sewing cloth masks…? And even more weird, doctors with masks – but  not  personal protective equipment. But in little King County Washington, the locals have given up waiting for Trump and the Federal Government to act so they took it upon themselves to build   a ‘pop-up’  200 bed hospital  – on a local football field.

Meanwhile  the President who gave himself   10 out of 10 for his handling of the crisis seems to be on another planet, while criticism rains down on him from every quarter. Karma for this ’stable genius.’


My Corona by Chris Mann

'My Corona' by Chris MannWelp, social distancing has already made me lose my damned mind! And this is the result. Hope this provides temporary relief from this crazy time! Enjoy a good LOL and stay safe out there, kids! Stay home and wash your damned hands! ***Jam 'My Corona' on Spotify***https://open.spotify.com/album/6hDKYjGBzhSQWwIYaMqxJM?si=XNMgQHUXTniDW0tKFJ-Sgg#mycorona #elbowbump #stayhome *********#chrismannmycorona #covid19 #corona #coronavirus #stuckathome #socialdistancing #funny #parody #mysharona Funny or die BuzzFeed Hoda Kotb Today Show CONAN Conan O'Brien Peresents:Team Coco Jimmy Kimmel Show Late Night with Seth Meyers Late Night With Stephen Colbert The Ellen Degeneres Show Fan Club Ellen DeGeneres @jThe Late Late Show with James Corden The Late Late Show with James Corden The Situation Room CNN

Posted by Chris Mann Music on Sunday, 15 March 2020


Must be hard for  Opposition to be on the sidelines while PM Jacinda Ardern polishes her leadership cred over  the Covid-19 pandemic.  Her decisive, compassionate approach to the issue  shows that we have a true leader, one who  has simultaneously embraced kindness about the community  and the threat posed  by the virus,  along with stern reminders about enforcement.  A year earlier, but without admonishments, she was doing the same for the Christchurch massacre and later the White Island eruption.


For some more wonderfully black humour about  Covid-19 watch an take on the pandemic at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hks6Nq7g6P4


From the US website Mother Jones…

By Monika Bauerlein

How are you doing? Suddenly, the platitude feels like a real question. In the video check-in with a loved one, in the shouted small talk with the mail carrier, in the smile to a socially distant stranger’s kids, there is an unspoken connection about our everyday interactions, now that we’re interacting less. No really, how are you doing…?

The change that’s turned our world upside down has not been just about a virus, or an economic crisis. It’s been about altruism vs. selfishness. That, after all, is what our great hunkering down is—a sacrifice to protect vulnerable strangers and the strained health care system we so desperately need right now. To be sure, the toilet paper hoarding, social media whining, and fake health advice–sharing are still out there. But ignorant gonna ignorant, and before long, many of those now acting carelessly will learn better.  Read more at https://www.motherjones.com/media/2020/03/greed-destroyed-our-social-immune-system-its-time-to-rebuild-it/?keycode=7AHPR02

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