Miscellany – November

Man hurries into the Auckland airport’s domestic terminal and stops.  It’s just not the place he once knew so well. Not many airport officers around to ask for directions but he does spot a tall Polynesian officer standing nearby. Man thinks he should know and so he stops and asks:

“S’cuse me officer but I was wondering where I could find …?” Man peers at the officer more closely. He suddenly stops, looks around him furtively. Nobody around. “Thank God” he mutters  – and hurries away from the three ply officer he’d just been talking to…


Eleven days before the US election The Atlantic magazine’s editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg endorsed former vice president Joe Biden.

It was only the fourth time in the magazine’s 163 year run that it had endorsed a candidate. The heavyweight Atlantic is influential and Goldberg used the publication’s history to reinforce his argument writing:

‘Two men are running for president. One is a terrible man; the other is a decent man. Vote for the decent man.’

Goldberg added that the magazine’s endorsement was ‘because President Donald Trump represents a threat to our collective existence…he is a clear and continuing danger to the United States, and it does not seem likely that our country would be able to emerge whole from four more years of his misrule’.


Seen and heard at the local Pak ‘n Save:  Two old men, one picking up a purple coloured hand sanitiser. Then, as old men do, they began singing together “Lavender blue, dilly, dilly”. They then laughed and went their separate ways.

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Paul Smith

Paul is a veteran journalist, non-fiction author and writing mentor. He has also served on boards ranging from TVNZ to UNESCO.