Miscellany – September

How the spread of Covid 19 is based on two things.

  1. How dense the population is.
  2. How dense the population is.


Here’s the best summary of that self-styled ‘stable genius’ – President Trump. It comes from Ed Yong, staff writer covering science for that great and enduring magazine The Atlantic.  It’s titled How the Pandemic Defeated America and it’s a searing description of Trump as he   wrote off the Corona virus.

‘No one should be  shocked that a liar who has made almost 20,000 false  or misleading claims during his presidency would lie about whether the  U.S had  the pandemic under control; that a racist who gave birth to birtherism would do little to stop a virus that was disproportionately  killing Black people; that a xenophobe who presided over the creation of new immigrant – detention centres would order meat packing plants with a substantial immigrant workforce to remain open; that a cruel man devoid of empathy would fail to calm  fearful citizens;  that a narcissist  who cannot stand to be upstaged, would refuse to  tap the deep well of experts at his disposal; that a scion of nepotism would hand control of a shadow coronavirus task force to his unqualified son-in-law; that an armchair polymath would claim to have a ‘natural  ability’ at medicine and display it by wondering out loud about the curative potential  of injecting  disinfectant; that an egotist incapable of admitting  failure would try to  distract from his greatest one by  blaming China, defunding WHO, and promoting miracle drugs; or that a President who has been shielded by his Party from any shred of accountability would say, when asked when asked about the lack of testing “I don’t take any responsibility at all.”


Footnote: the number of deaths at August 9th this year is 162,000 according to Statista.com.

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