What’s the best  drama series anywhere? The Donald! He’s holed up in the White House;  teams of prosecutors arrest and charge his associates and   Fake News reveals more  about the chaos presidency each day. There's hush money pay-offs, a  safe  stuffed with  secret documents, a  White House staffer’s anonymous   Op-ed in the NY Times. He wrote he was part of ‘The Resistance,’ which reins  in  the President. ‘TREASON!’ tweeted Trump. Unfortunate. Trump's  campaign is under investigation for collusion with  Russia…But it’s Spring, with flowers like this so  who needs drama? 


Balmoral – Gateway to the East

I grew up in a village called Balmoral  where we wished, without a hint of masochism, that  the dentist’s drill  would  shriek; where we knew we were half-way to Hollywood when the cinema doorman took our tickets –  dressed in a tuxedo.

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Mt Eden’s Fight Club…

Chris HThe recent news about the violence in Mount Eden Prison has many elements. Political, naturally; Labour will be pleased to have been given the opportunity to rub National’s nose in the troublesome policy of privatisation. The Prison Officers’ Union will be equally pleased to say I told you so.

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A real MedicAlert …

An open letter from Murray Lord, CEO of MedicAlert NZ

“The completely avoidable death of Eunice Richardson is a major concern to MedicAlert® Foundation and to everyone I have spoken to on this matter.

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Three cheers for Greece?

Before Euro-politics  wandered into Alice in Wonderland territory, we  asked if anybody else out there was quietly cheering for Greece as it took on the bullying bean counters of the IMF and the European Central Bank.

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