What’s the best  drama series anywhere? The Donald! He’s holed up in the White House;  teams of prosecutors arrest and charge his associates and   Fake News reveals more  about the chaos presidency each day. There's hush money pay-offs, a  safe  stuffed with  secret documents, a  White House staffer’s anonymous   Op-ed in the NY Times. He wrote he was part of ‘The Resistance,’ which reins  in  the President. ‘TREASON!’ tweeted Trump. Unfortunate. Trump's  campaign is under investigation for collusion with  Russia…But it’s Spring, with flowers like this so  who needs drama? 


For sale – sort of

The old bloke lived in an equally ancient villa in Mt Albert. It was, like him, in need of loving care – or that’s what we felt when he opened the door, bewhiskered and a little dazzled by the sudden light.

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