We’re nearing the end of the year with that constant companion: climate change - euphemistically re-branded as the ‘new normal’. We’d like to think 2018 was a year of four seasons. But Summer too eagerly surrendered to Autumn. In turn it bequeathed us a lingering Winter, before the brief blush of Spring. 2018 is now set to be the 4th warmest year in succession.  Eek! How powerless this all feels. Will it be business as usual next year despite what Nature’s telling us? Time for a cup of Anxietea…

A real MedicAlert …

An open letter from Murray Lord, CEO of MedicAlert NZ

“The completely avoidable death of Eunice Richardson is a major concern to MedicAlert® Foundation and to everyone I have spoken to on this matter.

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Three cheers for Greece?

Before Euro-politics  wandered into Alice in Wonderland territory, we  asked if anybody else out there was quietly cheering for Greece as it took on the bullying bean counters of the IMF and the European Central Bank.

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For sale – sort of

The old bloke lived in an equally ancient villa in Mt Albert. It was, like him, in need of loving care – or that’s what we felt when he opened the door, bewhiskered and a little dazzled by the sudden light.

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