Hans Thoma - Loneliness

In this issue we explore ageing and its unseen, unwanted companion, loneliness. The condition impacts not only the elderly, but also those aged 15-25.  It’s not hard to find some of the reasons. If you look back on the adulation of the Market economy the signs are clear. They all indicate a growing - and largely ignored - social despair, as ideologically-driven governments pillaged our institutions and put everything they could, up for sale. Now, surprise surprise, there’s a world-wide recognition by governments, that alienation and loneliness represent a new - and worrying - public health threat. It’s what happens when we, our land and our most precious resources, become commodities.



Mt Eden’s Fight Club…

Chris HThe recent news about the violence in Mount Eden Prison has many elements. Political, naturally; Labour will be pleased to have been given the opportunity to rub National’s nose in the troublesome policy of privatisation. The Prison Officers’ Union will be equally pleased to say I told you so.

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A real MedicAlert …

An open letter from Murray Lord, CEO of MedicAlert NZ

“The completely avoidable death of Eunice Richardson is a major concern to MedicAlert® Foundation and to everyone I have spoken to on this matter.

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Three cheers for Greece?

Before Euro-politics  wandered into Alice in Wonderland territory, we  asked if anybody else out there was quietly cheering for Greece as it took on the bullying bean counters of the IMF and the European Central Bank.

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For sale – sort of

The old bloke lived in an equally ancient villa in Mt Albert. It was, like him, in need of loving care – or that’s what we felt when he opened the door, bewhiskered and a little dazzled by the sudden light.

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