Rainbow tickery…

Rainbow Tick is a business, like the halal certification business, it gives organisations a tick for behaving in the manner the certifier approves. The Muslim Islamic Council provides certification to businesses that kill their animals with a single cut, that are thoroughly bled, and have not come into contact with animals (pork especially) that have been stunned before being slaughtered. Some people think the method is cruel because it can be distressing for the animal, but if you want to sell your meat to Muslim countries or to the Muslim population in your own country, you’ll have to take it or leave it.

You get Rainbow Tick certification if you uphold Rainbow Tick values, which includes agreeing that biological men who identify as transgender women have a right to compete as women in athletic events and have a right to have birth certificates altered.

Feminism 2020 is a woman’s group that campaigns against self-identification on birth certificates and inclusion of transgender women in womens sports. Massey University received its Rainbow Tick accreditation in 2017. But Rainbow Tick has threatened to review its accreditation if the university hosts the Feminism 2020 group, which Rainbow has decided is an anti-transgender hate group.

Massey, no stranger to free speech issues, appears to be throwing its weight behind Rainbow Tick. By doing so it is appeasing the more powerful of the two competing groups. Incredibly, given the insignificant numbers of the more vocal transgender advocates, they have achieved considerable influence.

Feminism 2020 denies it is anti-trans and that it is simply against some of the claims asserted by the transgender lobby. Speak up for Women spokesperson Ani O’Brien points out:  “What the media, Massey University, and activists for Rainbow Tick have neglected to mention is that half of our speaking panel are lesbians, including the spokeswoman of the group.”

We live in an age of inclusivity, which becomes distorted now and then. Rainbow Tick is all for inclusiveness, except where free speech is concerned.

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Chris Horan

Chris is a former social worker, probation officer and Family Court counsellor, living in Hawea in the South Island.