Spring and Creativity

Outside there’s a colourful riot of flowers cherry and pink blossoms and  the joyful Springtime chorus of  our birds.   Out there drunk and disorderly,  cheeky Tuis dangle from Kowhais sucking the nectar   from the trees’  golden flowers.

I do love this long awaited time of the year especially this year when  dreary winter  lingered too  long. But now,  all this fresh,  lush growth and new  life  got me thinking  about the  parallels between nature and creativity, and  the natural cycle of the seasons.

Sometimes our creativity is just flourishing and at other times it feels as if it has gone underground.  But Spring, more than other seasons, highlights Nature’s diversity.  Fresh  thinking  emerges and thrives.  I   feel revitalised by  the  changes like the heady perfume of jasmine and the incense of wisteria – almost intoxicating in the  Spring  sunshine.

Our feel-good hormones and creative juices are aroused by certain smells, which are pleasing and often associated  with positive memories.  Among other  things, the season brings:

Happy accidents –  with its unplanned flowers and shrubs peeping through in unexpected places –  including the paved footpath. Creativity also promotes those special  ‘ah ha!’ realisations at unexpected times and places.  Spring frees our clogged minds and sets our imaginations free.

Juxtapositions – these reflect the creative process, as dormant ideas spring to life with new insights and solutions.  Spring  helps  marshal nascent thoughts and ideas into both form and shape.   We begin again   to explore and  discover more about ourselves and our world.

Joy –  Last but not least, Spring lifts our spirits leaving  behind  sodden months,  preparing  us for sunshine – and hope!

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Jasbindar Singh

Jasbindar is a business psychologist, leadership excellence coach and author of 'Get your Groove Back'. www.jasbindarsingh.com