Superstitions and why we have them – feet

Bernard Breslau’s 1959 hit song assured everybody that we need feet – ‘to keep your sox on, and stop your legs from fraying at the ends.’  But we assured from other quarters that we need them for additional things, and there are superstitions to tell us:

* To start a new journey always lead with your right foot, not the left.

* Do not enter a house with your left foot first – particularly a bride coming to her first home.

* When dressing, put the right shoe on first (if the left one is put on first, the day will go badly.

Feet with high insteps attract two interpretations from the superstitious. The Chinese would have it that people with a high foot arch are independent and self-sufficient. But Britain and America tend to the superstition that a high instep indicates good breeding (parts of the United States further observe that foot arches high enough to let water flow through, demonstrated the finest ancestry.)

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Max Cryer

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