Superstitions – Impotence

If they have faith in an old superstition, men who are concerned about their sexual vigour should eat a generous amount of rabbit kidneys. Rabbits are known to very procreative, by why their kidneys were regarded as the seat of their rampant passions has never been explained. (Nor is there any suggestion that another part of the male rabbit might provide a more logical encouragement.)

There are alternative remedies based in superstition: celery boiled to a pulp and eaten hot; two cloves of garlic eaten every day (but the cumulative effect takes three months); fermented bamboo paste (presumably utilising the soft leafy parts of the plant). Other slightly easier options are oysters, avocados and dark chocolate! There is no medical evidence that any of those is effective, but Doron S. Stember, MD, a urologist at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, says in their defence:

If a man believes he responds to a particular aphrodisiac then, by definition, it works for him – it may just be due to the placebo effect.

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