What do you enjoy about what you do?

Have you been asked a question recently – a simple one at that – which caused you to stop and think.  Your mind flicks into another gear as it goes through the search and inquiry process until it connects with some semblance of an answer.

But what is interesting is that long after you have responded, you find yourself still mulling over the question! This happened to me on a short boat trip last week while on holiday overseas.  The lovely Canadian woman from Alberta sitting opposite me started chatting to me. She was primarily a homemaker and community builder active in projects and work that connected and brought people together in meaningful ways.

I noticed she had an aesthetic eye given the beautiful colours – azure blue, crimson red and slight shades of orange that she had adorned herself with.

And then came the question.

“So what do you enjoy about what you do?”

(Ok – I told you it was a simple question, didn’t I?)

I paused, thought for a minute and then told her.

Just as abruptly, the train came to a stop and we parted company and in all likelihood, we will never see each other again. We didn’t even get to exchange names and yet managed to have that short engaging conversation.

But here’s the issue: We all have things in our lives that we are so close to that like fish in water we take the known for granted, can’t quite see the big picture, or lose perspective or significance.

In reflecting about the question later on in the plane, below is what I came to in relation to the work I do including blogging:

The reason I am sharing this with you is that if the question resonates, you too may wish to re-visit your answer to “What do you enjoy about what you do?”

Here are three things I love:

  • Creative expression – the opportunity to be the best expression of myself utilizing my signature strengths, passion and interest.
  • Contribution – the opportunity to contribute to others to also be their best fulfilled selves and grow personally and professionally.   This also satisfies one of my core values of doing meaningful work, being of service and genuinely helping others as others have helped me
  • Connection – I love the diversity of our world on all levels. The opportunity to reach far and wide with people from all different cultures and parts of the world but with similar needs, motivators and aspirations is a joy.

And if I had to add another two for the work I do it would be money and fun. Yes – like everyone else, I also need to be able to put bread on the table but the journey has to have some fun.

Here’s another pointfor reflection. Some time back I wrote a blog – Three simple strategies for networking success. The question, “What do you enjoy about what you do?” can be a great conversation starter.

It totally bypasses that other hideous question – and yes I too have asked this many times – “What do you do?” As to why this is not such a good question – I will leave for another blog!

So how about you?

“What do you enjoy about what you do?”   I would seriously love to hear so do please add your comments.

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Jasbindar Singh

Jasbindar is a business psychologist, leadership excellence coach and author of 'Get your Groove Back'. www.jasbindarsingh.com